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Rosenthal has been developed into an extraordinarily multifaceted company over 130 years which, with its fascinating brands, is today one of the world’s leading providers in the areas of tableware and gift accessories.  To date, well over 150 artists, designers and architects have firmly established and developed the company’s reputation as a design pioneer.  This trailblazing status as an innovative porcelain designer has so far been recognized with over 450 design awards and numerous references from international museums.

The Fascination of Rosenthal – the exciting impact of this brad originates from its overall principles.  Quality without compromise at the highest level of design.  Design and development targeting the beauty and timeless joy for the creative user.  Today’s highly valued but rarely found characteristics of authenticity and honesty join seamlessly with the charisma and experience of a unique portfolio – the Fascination of Rosenthal.