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Utage Recently, chefs have been preparing dishes with a more visually appealing artistic sense., and important factor appears to be focusing on simplicity in materials, and seasonal and sustainable ingredients. For that reason, the UTAGE has developed and can supply high quality natural taste tableware and, providing a canvas to challenge the creativity of the chefs, while enhancing the colors of the food and material sense. 

The innate textures of the tableware are important in setting the right atmosphere too. Natural taste products will make the chef’s creations look so much more natural, as the earth used to make the dinnerware is the same earth from which the ingredients were born. And rich, natural colors of Japanese tradition are featured in this range. The green of a leaf, the red of a flower, the blue of the sea, colors conceived by nature, which compliment the natural ingredients used in cooking. Basically, we propose simplicity. A range of dinnerware which, while not overly conspicuous, retains a certain presence.