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What a pleasure to introduce you to Mealplak!
Like many, we fell immediately under the charm of the products and the values conveyed by the Tambon family, these entrepreneurs that have acquired exceptional expertise in the world of composite materials.

Discovering a unique opportunity to express our passion for innovation, design, and production, we decided to invest in the development of this brand and its unique products. This project is also a great opportunity to highlight our dedication to industry and to our family business values, forged over centuries with Revol.
About Mealplak products: they are made of composite patented material: Nacry. It draws its strength from light for a unique effect that elevates your plating and recipes. Through the interplay and power of colors, our products enliven your tables and buffets. They inspire and motivate chefs to give free rein to their imagination and become outstanding materials for chefs’ culinary creations.

Through this alliance and this sharing of know-how, we want to communicate our inspiration, our unwavering values, and offer you quality products, beautiful and useful, unique and technical, created and fashioned with passion in France.