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Inspire Bold Refreshing

As the hospitality and leisure industries progresses and evolves, owners, managements and operations demand more innovative designs and quality products, which inspired the creation of Novox Inc. Pte. Ltd.  Our inspiration is fueled by passion as we work hand in hand with all parties to continuously push the boundaries as to what a venue can offer to its guests, via our total package solution ranging from food and beverage furniture to front office line of equipment, and other essential hotel equipment.

Our approach is centered on being bold and unique.  Knowing that owners, managements an operators have different expectations and requirements, we strive to understand the diverse needs of various parties.  With this approach in mind, we intend to synergize the venue with our extensive and complimenting range of products to create a whole new look.

Breaking away from the norm and tradition is the ideal we intend to put into reality. Refreshing creations gives life to the existing hospitality furniture industry.  With feedback and experiences amassed from the industry through the years, we believe our refreshing creations will spark imagination and countless possibilities for operators to bring their venues to the next level.

We are INSPIRED, with BOLD concepts and REFRESHING ideas to set the trend for the industry.  We are committed to providing professional consultancy,  transforming refreshing designs into quality products and ever reliable after-sales service.

Designer banquet & conference chairs, folding legs banquet tables, executive meeting tables, front office carts, queue posts & ropes, mobile buffet stations, f&b display stands and many more.