Revol  is all the richer for its history, its accumulated know-how, and its people.Revol has been a family-run company of go-getters ever since it was created in 1789, weathering out many a hardship over time to become a highly competitive company at the height of its art. Located in Saint-Uze, France, Revol draws its inspiration deep in the Rhone Valley which is known the world over for its great wines and gastronomy.

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The Revol brand is know the world over for the exceptional quality of its products. Over these many years, Revol has developed a strong working relationship with major players in the catering business. From this close professional relationship comes the brand’s inspiration on a daily basis. Revol strives to push the envelope in modern catering to find ever more innovative culinary solutions. OUR GOAL: …to help you cook creatively morning, noon or night by offering you bold new serving solutions that highlight your food preparations all the way to the table.

As the leading French culinary porcelain manufacturer, Revol puts its unique expertise to work for cookery professionals and enthusiasts. The composition of Revol porcelain and its firing at very high temperature make it a must in high-end culinary ceramics. OUR CHALLENGE : We are eager to meet your daily needs in terms of performance, functionality and efficiency.